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Contact Information through Zoom

As people's interactions moved more often to the digital space, we need to find better ways to do things by replacing obsolete or inapplicable methods. How many times did you try to share your contact information during now frequent Zoom calls or a webinar? Especially knowing that after the meeting is over, the information shared in the Chat window will be lost.

Using a RedLINES QR code improves the chance to reach people most efficiently. On top of that, by adding it to a virtual background for Zoom meetings improves your chances of sharing your contact info and create a professional presentation of your brand.

Just take a screenshot of your QR code from your "Sharing Options" screen, crop it using any image editor and then paste it into a background you've chosen. The recommended size for those images is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

If you are a RedLINES PREMIUM user and want one as the example shows, send an email to, and we can create it for you.


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