For Investors

We don't need just money.

We are looking for believers who want to become business partners and be willing to help us to change radically how people interact and how networks grow based on concrete common interests...and generate billions in the process.

Why this space?

Because nobody could set a standard for sharing contact information replacing the out-of-date paper business cards...yet. This is a space our team knows very well. Also, the opportunity has global potential.


Why now?

We have been telling people for some time, that keep producing and sharing business cards is a waste. Available technology sets the perfect timing to introduce this solution. If you have kids you know this is going to happen. The pandemic reality adds an extra factor not to receive in hand a piece of paper, never again.

Why us?

Because we are used to work hard, learn, never settle when we define a goal and ready to kick asses to make it happen. There is no luck and our people learn that at the best companies in town. We have what it takes.

How much?

We just need what we need. We don't want cool offices or fancy catering ( at least not for now ). We are building a business to generate money, not to raise it.  Generate more than what you spend. Easy, right?


For what?

After bootstrapping and receiving some family and friends' money, we got to a point where we need help to develop certain technical solutions, introduce our product into the market and just live by doing what we love the most. 

Short version

Here a very, very, very condensed idea of what we are doing. But there's a lot more. Interested?

Big Vision

We are here for the long run because the goal is much more than just to create a very profitable business.

Scale worldwide

The world is smaller than ever, sellers and buyers can be from a lot of different places and still do great business. Political limits mean very little for tech giants and the opportunity is about 7.6 Billion persons. 

Expand beyond B2B

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire data that now can be self-generated by their own employees, but what's next? I mean there are more smartphones than people around the world and every single person wants or needs something, right?


Create new markets
We want to find the holy grail of marketing, matching the offer with demand as never happen before. Which is the difference between receiving spam and a great deal? Timing? We believe is much more than that.

Redefine the future

The human race advanced more in the last 10 years than in the last 100. We are not talking about lightspeed, holodecks or teleportation, but just combining AI, IoT, mobile, and cloud...

If you want to understand a little bit more about our big vision, check this article we wrote to share our thoughts:


"Connecting the dots"

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